A downloadable datapack mod

Butterflys is a simple datapack mod that adds ambient butterflies to your world.
They come in five colors and spawn randomly in your world on grass or leaves during the day and will despawn at night. You can also catch butterflies and
put them wherever you like. Butterflies that have been caught by a player will
never despawn.

This datapack mod was created for the Datapack Jam 2 and is still in development. It will be uploaded to Planet Minecraft as well upon completion.

To see more of my Minecraft work, please check out my Planet Minecraft page


Butterflys by Yirggzmb - Version 2.0.zip 46 kB

Install instructions

For Minecraft 1.14.2

This "mod" requires a resource pack and a data pack
There is no need to unzip either file
Cheats must be enabled. You can Open to LAN to temporarily enable them

1) Copy file "RP - Butterflys by Yirggzmb.zip" into your Minecraft resource packs folder
2) Open Minecraft and enable the resource pack
3) Create a new world (optional)
4) Copy file "DP-ButterflysByYirggzmb.zip" into your world's datapack folder
5) Run command: /reload
6) Enjoy!

For more details, please see the included readme

Development log


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Dose this work?

Well, it does in all my tests anyway. It does require Java Edition and will not work on Bedrock, however. I've tested it thoroughly in 1.14 and can say it should world just fine. And I've done enough preliminary tests in 1.15 to say that it'll *probably* work just fine, but I can't guarantee every little facet without further tests.