You have a busy life, but need to get this coding done. The solution? Code at night! Just make sure you get some sleep too.

Match shapes by their color, digit, or number of sides to progress with your code.

Watch your energy. If you run out, it's snore-town for you. You'll need some energy during the day, and the more tired you are, the more the shapes will try to disorient you. 


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I fell asleep at my sisters birthday party :(

Nice concept overall! Can image that this routine can be very exhausting irl..

Lol, it is sometimes. Hence why I keep it a hobby at the moment.

The Sound design of the game is very nice, the typing noises are very satisfying!

The only thing I think should be changed is the energy loss during the day, it is a bit much.

But all together it is a nice little game!

Glad you liked it.

Yeah, the energy loss can be a touch frustrating, but it's sorta a commentary on the challenge of being a programmer with a day job. By the time you get done with all the things you're supposed to get done during the day, there's not a lot of energy left for the stuff you really want to do. It could maybe use a little balancing, but overall it's not supposed to be easy, exactly.

Cool concept which I can relate to, but going to sleep was really strange in the game. Once I would not be able to continue playing until my energy bar went back down to where it was originally. It kind of defeated the purpose of balancing work and sleep.

You don't have control during the day because you're off at your day job and such. The premise is more than just balancing coding and sleep. It's also balancing your day job, and house work, and spending time with your family, and all that. The idea is that you're so busy through the day that the only time you have available to code is late at night. 11pm (23:00) is when you're finally free to work on your own things.

Ok, good to know.