Post Jam Version - 1.0.2

Changes and Fixes

  • Fixed the moving obstacles freaking out when they intersect with a bubble
  • Adjusted hitboxes slightly to fix a few things that felt unfair
  • Improvements to Endless Mode generation. Still not perfect, but a lot better.
  • Adjusted camera position slightly upwards
  • Minor adjustment to the mode selection screen
  • Winning the game should now take you back to the mode selection screen after some time
  • Added A/S/D control support
  • Added Mouse control support. This means the game ought to be playable on mobile browsers than can run the game in the first place.

Known Bugs, Weirdnesses, and Planned Improvements

  • Endless Mode generation still occasionally creates obstacles overlapping
  • Mostly happens to moving objects...which still freak out.
  • Would like to hopefully cleanup and improve sprites, though this is low priority at the moment
  • Would like to guarantee endless mode levels are beatable. At the moment, the gem can still be blocked completely by obstacles.
  • Some browsers show below the level when you get that low


Windows Standalone - Post Jam Version 1.0.2 14 MB
Aug 20, 2017

Get Gem Diver - LD39

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