A mysterious figure has stolen the gems that give our world color! Jump into the color portals to find new gems.

Mouse or Space - Skip Intro 
A/D or Left/Right or Mouse - Move player left and right 
Space or S or Down Arrow or Mouse - Begin level 
Q - Quit to mode selection 
Esc - Exit Windows version

Story Mode - Play 7 unique levels, collect the gems, and complete the rainbow! 
Endless Mode (wip) - Play infinite, randomly generated, levels. How many can you get in a row?

Endless Mode is still a work in progress. The random generation is a little glitchy, but most levels are completable.

To play, basically just don't touch anything except the gem at the bottom of each level.  Experimental "Endless" mode included, but it's far from polished.

The current playable web version is the Post Jam version of the game. If you would like to play the submitted version, please check out the downloads below.

Install instructions

Source files require Game Maker Studio

HTML5 files for the Jam Submission will likely have to be loaded onto a web server in order to play properly. Most browsers do not play well with games locally. I've occasionally had luck with Firefox though.  Itch does not allow me to make both web versions playable here.


Windows Standalone - Post Jam Version 1.0.2 14 MB
Windows Standalone - Jam Submission 14 MB
HTML5 Files - Jam Submission 11 MB
LD39 Source Files 96 MB

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